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  • FrogWel

    Frog Wel

    HTML 5 Game play instantly!
    No install needed!

    Are You Smarter Than POTUS?

    Trivia quiz contains really hard questions,POTUS passed,can you?

  • Binoculars

    Binoculars Free

    Binoculars see everything far away, in the palm of your hands.

  • Sound Machine 3000

    Sound Machine 3000

    Sound Machine 3000 provides the perfect environment to lull yourself to sleep, or even use it as a sound therapy tool for the soul.

  • Irish Translator

    Irish Translator

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! FUN and FUNNY....I give it 4 stars!

  • Zombie Translator

    Zombie Translator

    Now even YOU can Understand the Undead!

  • Royal Presenter

    Royal Presenter

    Have you ever wanted to make a GRAND ROYAL ENTRANCE?

  • Sand Drawn

    Sand Drawn

    Sand Drawn is an EASY to use drawing application, like you were on the Beach

  • Chalk Board

    Chalk Board

    Chalk Board is an EASY to use drawing application, in a chalk board style!

  • My Search & Find: Animals

    My Search & Find: Animals

    A great mental exercise for kids. Challenges and rewards children to locate animals from a given in the scene presented.

  • Peak-A-B00 Pals

    Peak-A-Boo Pals

    Like the classic Pop-up activity toys, this introduces your child to shapes, animals and cause-and-effect play, and rewards discovery with animal friends.

  • Halloween Mouth Costume

    Halloween Mouth Costume

    Need a Halloween costume quick? Well here it is.

  • Touch Fireworks Live Wallpaper

    Touch Fireworks Live Wallpaper

    High flying Fireworks on your Android Device!

  • Bubbles on Live Wallpaper

    Bubble Pop

    Pop some bubbles on your Android Device!

  • Fly on Live Wallpaper

    Fly on Live Wallpaper Game

    Smash flies, have fun, play a game on your wallpaper!

  • Sparkler


    Its a Sparkler, on your phone. Enjoy the Holiday!

  • Christmas Lights Live Wallpaper

    Christmas Lights Live Wallpaper

    Trimmed the house with Christmas Lights, now how about your Android Device!